Here at Urgent Care of New Jersey, we specialize in pediatric urgent care. Not only do we specialize in it, but we are also one of the few centers in New Jersey to provide this service. Our staff is well-trained and understands that when your child is sick, no one wants to wait in an emergency room.

Urgent Care of New Jersey
Urgent Care of New Jersey


Urgent Care of New JerseyThe pediatric team at Urgent Care of New Jersey encourages parents to bring their kids for regular physical exams and immunizations from birth. Pediatric physicians are knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to unique changes and stages that children experience as they grow. Kids are not just little adults, and often times, dealing with children will require unique approaches and challenges, which is known only by a caring physician specializing in pediatrics.


Bring your infant to us for expert care from our on-site pediatrician. We are thoroughly trained to provide medical care for newborns, infants and children. After treatment, we follow up to ensure your baby is feeling better. Additionally, we tell new parents the kinds of illnesses to expect with your newborns. Call us today to make an appointment.